The Student Division

Be part of the change...

The Student Division of the HCAF is perhaps the most important part of what we do.  These young people represent the future of Holliston and the work they do now will pave the way for generations to follow.  Their work will focus on issues that directly affect the youth of our community as they understand that group first hand.

The concept is unique in that those who join not only work on projects that make their community a better place, but they also become part of a group grounded in camaraderie, support, selflessness and commitment.  Under the supervision of the Student Division Advisory Committee,  the students themselves  are charged with organizing, planning, resourcing and executing projects and programs themselves.  They are required to work hard, collaborate and rely on one another and turn their ideas into reality.  

The invitation is open to anyone in the community age 12-22, and we mean ANYONE.  The division also serves as a social group that universally accepts everyone appreciating and relishing in our differences.  The division is challenged to work hard, but it is intended to be fun and rewarding as well.  People will meet and work with people they may not know socially at school so they need to get ready to make new friends fast.

The division is broken down into teams that will range anywhere from 3 to 10 people based on our numbers and could consist of all ages.  These teams will work closely together to accomplish specific tasks in support of the overall project.  

If you are interested in joining or finding out more information please email the Committee Chair John Drohan at

Stay tuned for organization information and meeting schedule for coming year.