Helping people in need

Emergency Assistance

Helping families in crisis

The Emergency Assistance Grant program is the cornerstone of the Holliston Community Action Fund.  Since 2009 the fund has provided over 50 grants to people in the community who need help.  Although the grants are sometimes modest in the amount, they certainly have a lasting impact on a family who is struggling with the hardships of life.  

How it works

The grant program is driven through the Holliston Department of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) and all applications go through them.  Anyone can nominate a grant recipient through DYFS and they will then evaluate the application and determine if the person qualifies.  The qualification criteria is broadly defined as a person or family in the community who needs financial help due to an unfortunate event or situation.  The grants are designed to provide timely and temporary financial relief for a particular incurred cost in an effort to help the family get back on their feet.  Some examples of grants are paying a family's electric bill for a month, a mortgage payment, replacing a necessary item from loss or theft, etc.  DYFS determines the qualification as well as the appropriate amount for the grant.  Grant applications are strictly confidential between the applicant and DYFS.  The Community Action board approves only the amount of the grant based on the DYFS recommendation.  There is no other information shared.


Contact via phone or email

Jaclyn Winer - Program Director DYFS


Department of Youth and Family Services

1750 Washington Street

Holliston, MA. 01746

Link to DYFS