Making Holliston Better

Supporting Programs

HCAF has expanded its charter to allow for support, both financial and volunteer work, for town programs.  HCAF has the ability to support anything that the board deems as a worthwhile cause that will result in Holliston being a better place.  The 2019 initiative is Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention.  HCAF is coordinating with the Holliston Drug and Alcohol Commission as well as the public schools in support of their campaign. 

Supporting Non-Profit Organizations

HCAF has the ability to support community organizations in their effort to make Holliston a better place.  Non-profit Organizations such as The Newcomer's Club, The Holliston Historical Society, The Holliston Pantry Shelf and many others all provide services that improve the lives of the people in our town. HCAF has the capability to work with these groups on their specific projects by helping to  raise money or provide volunteer support.

HCAF Sponsored Programs

Once fully established, HCAF would like to sponsor, organize and run independent projects and programs that address the needs of the community.  As our supporter numbers grow along with the organization of our Student Division, HCAF hopes to be in a position to be able to organize and staff their own events as well as supporting others.