COVID-19 Assistance

How To Apply For Grants

Emergency Assistance Grants

All emergency assistance grant applications go through the Holliston Department of Youth and Family Services (DYFS).  All applications for grants are strictly confidential and granted based on DYFS approval.  

To apply call director Jackie Winer at 508.429.0620 or email her at

Grants are approved based on financial need due to hardship and misfortune.  Grants are designed to solve specific short-term financial problems and are qualified on a case-by-case basis as determined by DYFS screening.  Anyone who is a Holliston resident can apply directly or someone can apply on their behalf.  As stated the applications are confidential in nature and no specific information about an applicant is ever released to the HCAF board.  The HCAF board approves grant amounts only.  If you have general questions concerning the Emergency Assistance Grant program please email Emergency Assistance Grant director Joe Gentile at

Emergency Relief Cards

Emergency Relief Card applications go through DYFS.  To qualify for a card a person must me a resident of Holliston, operate a business based out of Holliston or have a dependent family connection to a Holliston resident.  Cards will be issued to applicants who have had a negative change in their income due to the COVID-19 crisis such as job loss or an increased financial burden.  Issued cards are worth $80 and are to be used for necessary meals or supplies.  In addition cards will be issued with a 20% coupon good for participating Holliston-based businesses to be used ONLY in conjunction with the card.  Cards can be used in any establishment however the 20% coupon is only good for Holliston businesses.  Currently cards are limited to 2 per month per family.

Participating Holliston Businesses:  Any Holliston business honoring the Emergency Relief Card coupon can return the coupon receipt to HCAF and will be refunded the value of the discount.  Mail information to 


770 Washington Street

Suite 6

Holliston, MA 01746

Program Support Funding

HCAF can provide grants to support groups or organizations in the fight against COVID-19.  If you know of an organization that is in need of financial assistance please contact John Drohan at 508.254.8016 or to determine if HCAF can help.

In our collective effort against the devastating fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic please pass the word about our organization.  If you are able to donate please do so on this website.